Sir Tyon Baermont

Landless Knight


Race: Human
Sex: Male
Birthdate: 10/9/698
Sunsign: Tai
Birthplace: Dyrisa
Parent Occupation: Enfoffed Knight (Sir Edon Baermont)
Sibiling Rank: 4 di 6
Enstrangement: Unpopular
Clanhead: Grandfather’s Brother

Handedness: Right
Height: 67
Frame: Mediom
Weight: 149
Complexion: Fair
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Grey
Comeliness: 5 Ugly

Strenght: 14
Endurance: 16
Dexterity: 15
Agility: 9
Speed: 6
Eyesight: 13
Hearing: 7
Smell/Taste: 12
Touch: 14
Voice: 10

Intelligence: 14
Aura: 9
Will: 14

Deity: Larani
Piety: 19


Ser Tyon’s Coat Of Arms
Family Field: Dark Green (means Hope, joy, devout, and loyal in love) with Bear’s Charge (Baermont Family Charge)
Base: Pale White base with black band (means landless) with iron gauntlet charge (means duty as a serving knight)

Sir Tyon Baermont

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