Location: Southwest Hârn
Government: Monarchy
King: Andasin IV
Culture: Feudal
Population: 96,000
Royal Seat: Dyrisa
Largest City: Aleath (free city)

Kanday is a feudal kingdom in southwestern Hârn. Founded in 589 after the collapse of the Theocracy of Tekhos, Kanday is ruled by the House of Kand. King Andasin IV keeps his seat at Dyrisa. He is a learned ruler but is perceived to be weak and dominated by his father, the Earl of Sarkum. The city of Aleath is the largest settlement.

The kingdom is bounded roughly by the Thard and Teb Rivers in the north and east, the Gulf of Andurien in the west and the Gulf of Ederwyn in the south. The name Kanday derives from the name of the ruling clan. Previously, the region was known as Aleathia.

Kanday is bordered to the northwest by the kingdom of Rethem, and to the northeast by the Thardic Republic. Kanday has a tradition of enlightened and peaceful government, but foreign relations are another matter. The kingdom has been involved in three major wars over the past 60 years. The king dislikes war, but has been unable to halt the ongoing bloody skirmishes between the orders of the Checkered Shield and the Copper Hook along the Rethemi border. This conflict stems from Ezar’s War (682-97) when Kanday defeated Rethem and seized significant territory from the Agrikan order. The rise to power of King Chafin III of Rethem may herald the onset of another full scale war with Kanday. To complicate matters, Kanday recently suffered defeat during the Kuseme War (712-13) at the hands of the Thardic Republic. King Andasin’s greatest fear is an alliance between his two northern rivals.

The eight monarchs who have ruled Kanday are:
Andasin I 589-627
Andasin II 627-654
Ashenan 654-659
Arelora 659-676
Andasin III 676-690
Eriel 690-694
Mirelael 694-707
Andasin IV 707-


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